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95 Miles, what the heck?

    My husband and brother have this annual competition. Each year on their respective birthdays they challenge each other to ride the number of miles equal to their age. Last year my husband wanted to turn it into a weekend event with the two of us riding on the W&OD trail out of Arlington,… Read More

Back to Basics

  Back to Basics After two weeks in the hospital where my primary activity was walking around dragging a 50 lbs infusion pole I had the opportunity to observe a lot of bodies in motion. Guess what? I think the visitors and hospital employees are at greater risk of being sick than the folks in… Read More

Is it the new year already?

  I kept hearing from everyone “Is it the end of the year already?”  How did time fly by so fast?  I’m of two minds on that.  The faster time goes the longer I have been cancer free but at the same time I don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy each and every day.… Read More

Melting in to you

HI everyone! I hope this finds you well, happy and healthy.  I’m currently in Utah at the Level 1 Melt training and having an amazing time.  I am with 16 other students from around the world and master teachers and senior teachers.  All of this is self awareness on a huge level.  For those of… Read More

Isolating Core Muscles

Isolating Core Muscles

Tip for Monday. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Keep knees, hips and feet aligned. On your exhalation slowly and gently contract the abdominal muscles. But here is the kicker! Don’t recruit gluts, hips, legs, shoulders, feet. Just use your abs. It is slow and subtle. See if… Read More

Stand Up Straight Please

Stand Up Straight Please

Stand up straight. If I heard that once I heard it 1000 times! It was said with the best and most loving of intentions but it was physically impossible without retraining my body. Your tip for today is to train your body from the inside out. Sitting on the front edge of a firm chair,… Read More