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Happy Almost September!

Lets hope that September brings some relief to the unrelenting heat we have been experiencing.  Good news is that at a certain point the Potomac gets too hot for the jelly fish!  Since they decided to move to deeper water we have been able to dip into the water and then cool off in the breeze.  Add to that the wonderful light shows from the thunderstorms.  No real rain for us but DC and Baltimore have been getting hit hard.  Anyway enough of the weather report.

I just received notice that I am officially registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  It has been a big deal for them to go through the process of vetting the schools and the teachers that come out of it. Their standards have been exacting and as a self governing body they want to get it right. And like any process it hasn’t been without its pains or oppositions.

The Yoga Alliance, out of fear of litigation, refuses to allow anyone to use the words “yoga therapist” in any descriptions or advertisement or bios for an organization that is recognized or associated with them.  You can add a disclaimer. If you are a licensed “therapist” (occupational, physical, mental health, massage etc) you are covered and good to go.  I guess they feel like someone will come see us hoping for more than we are qualified to give.  I find it curious because, well, we often don’t get what we expect from the licensed folks.  Its all about self education and taking responsibility for your own health and well being.  No one gets a free pass out of this life and accountability if everything.  So just remember a yoga therapist is here is help guide you on the path of self discovery so you can make the appropriate choices about your own wellness.  One day we will be the first stop not the last on someone’s personal journey.

One of those choices for me was to continue on the complimentary education path.  I also received word that I have officially completed and passed all the requirements for my Level 1 Melt Method Certification.  This has been a huge step and I will, slowly, continue to further my education as I really believe in the work that Sue Hitzman is doing and how she is training her instructors.  What will I do with this, funny you should ask.  Here comes the third part of the title.

I am reconfiguring my classes to help my students use all these tools. I want to help them  deepen their connection to self awareness and understand how the choices they make affect them long term.  In my Scoliosis Class we are combining Yoga therapy for Scoliosis and Melt to see what brings us into balance on a neurological level and a structural level.  I want my students to achieve lasting changes.  We need to find balance and symmetry that holds in the body.  I want them to have ways to deal with pain and body disfunction.  When we get done with a yoga class we should feel better not worse and those good feelings should last more than a day.  The Melt method helps prepare the body by rehydrating the connective tissue.  Chronic holding patterns create huge areas of stuck stress and facial barriers and if you can’t start to change that you will never be able to get the re-patterning of movement to make the changes you need or want.

In my class that has been Yoga Therapeutics for about 5 years (thanks YA for helping me redirect my intentions and become more clear) is changing to what I’m going to call Alignment Fusion.  It will be a bit of everything I know and use in my own practice.  It will include Melt to prepare the body, The Egoscue Method to align the body posture and then yoga and the yoga rope wall to allow us to practice safely and develop a deeper understanding about what yoga can do for us.  Of course there will still be pranayama and meditation in the classes but that is where I’m heading.  It is all still bubbling and perking away so stay tuned for changes.  But if you want to take your self awareness of the 5 layers or Koshas of the body to the next level, drop in to Evolve Yoga and Wellness and give one of my classes a try.

As always, take care of yourself and those you love.  Be present in your life because right now, this is the only one you have.  Don’t waste it!




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