Yoga Therapy Classes

Group Classes

Group yoga classes are designed around a specific therapeutic theme or idea.  Assessing the needs of the group, Lauri Bruce, as the yoga instructor and certified yoga therapist, can offer adaptations and suggestions to the individual student within the group making it an accessible experience for everyone. If the student is a first time participant in the yoga class then it is advisable to speak to the instructor prior to attending. This insures that the student is in the appropriate class for their ability. Group Therapeutic classes are offered at Evolve Yoga + Wellness in California, Maryland. Please check the schedule for dates and times. For private yoga instruction in California Md or Solomons Md contact Lauri at

Workshops and Training’s

Lauri offers CEU workshops focusing on Therapeutic issues as well as Training’s in Adaptive Yoga. Group workshops on Scoliosis, Back Care, MS, Autoimmune Diseases, and Inflammatory Diseases are some of the many workshops that can be scheduled with Lauri.