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HI everyone!

I hope this finds you well, happy and healthy.  I’m currently in Utah at the Level 1 Melt training and having an amazing time.  I am with 16 other students from around the world and master teachers and senior teachers.  All of this is self awareness on a huge level.  For those of you not familiar Melt is a simple self-treatment that helps prevent pain, heal injury and erase the negative effects of agin and active living.  It does this by directly enhancing boday awareness, rehydrating connective tissue and quieting the nervous system.  You can read more about it on the website at

What astounds me about this practice is how something so simple and easy can make such huge changes.  It has helped reduce my pain, balanced and stabilized my pelvis and scoliotic spine and gotten rid of the swelling in my knee from my old ACL replacement surgery.  It was a huge help for me doing the hand and foot treatment when I was recovering from my de-bulking surgery last year and then going through chemo.  I truly believe the reason I don’t have neuropathy is because combining melt with a conscious breath practice really helped keep pain at bay.  Not that it didn’t rear its ugly head occasionally but it seemed to come and go and as my surgeon said, “if you can wear those fabulous high heels you do not have neuropathy”.

I will be back in town the 25th of July and back to teaching.  Melt is every Wednesday morning at 10:15. Candy Carr teaches Sunday mornings at 11:15.  I’ll be looking to add more Melt roller classes in the area so stay tuned.  If you want a private session to help you with a particular problem just contact me.  It can improve your performance, reduce your pain, and make your life so much better. You don’t have to understand the science to reap the benefits.

As you may have noticed the website has changed again!  Hopefully this will be a good thing and bring more awareness to the world about the benefits of self awareness and how we can improve it using yoga therapy, melt and egoscue postural alignment techniques.  There is an appointment calendar on the website that will allow you to make an appointment with me.  It will email me directly and I will contact you.  I hope I can keep up with this new technology!

So here is to pain free living and enjoying every day we get on this amazing planet.  As always thank you for trusting me to guide you on your journey, wherever that make be taking you.

  • Lauri

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