Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Yoga Therapy is uniquely designed to help manage the symptoms of acute or chronic back pain associated with scoliosis, injuries, accidents, surgery or chronic conditions. As we develop the skills of asana(physical postures), Pranayama (breath adaptation), and meditation, life becomes more enjoyable.

General Back care, Scoliosis and Therapeutic classes are offered by Inner Therapies yoga on a weekly, ongoing basis. General classes provide you with a community of people dealing with similar conditions. These classes often become a source of community, comfort and information as you negotiate your path back Private sessions can be arranged with Lauri. A private session will give you a personal sequence designed to address your unique needs and conditions to health.

Scoliosis Yoga addresses the unique conditions caused by lateral deviation of the spine. The work we do address personal awareness of the condition and then teaches the tools to lengthen, strengthen and de-rotate the curves caused by the scoliosis. While yoga can’t completely reverse the scoliosis condition it can, with diligent practice, dramatically improve your quality of life and relationship to your spine.

Lauri draws on her own experience of living and working with her scoliosis for over 40 years and using yoga in particular for the past 20 years. She employees the teaching and techniques of Krishnamacharia and the Viniyoga style of yoga therapy as well as Elise Miller’s Yoga for Scoliosis, the Melt Method and Myofacial Release Self Treatment techniques.

Each student has a unique journey to travel and Lauri welcomes the opportunity to help them navigate that path.