Viniyoga and Back Care

Viniyoga and Back Care

A couple of years ago (2011) NIH and the American Viniyoga Association worked together to develop a study to see the efficacy of a gentle, simple yoga practice versus a stretching program to relieve chronic back pain. Gary Kraftsow, the founder of AVI developed a series of sequences that were proven to reduce pain and in some cases, dependency on medication, increase range of motion and provide a format for continued participation by participants. There were 226 subjects using the same protocol and the study/classes were implemented at multiple sites with multiple teachers. Based on the comments and self-reporting by the participants the study was extremely successful and effective.

Inner Therapies Yoga has been offering therapeutic based classes through out the area for several years now. At Evolve Yoga and Wellness we offer a variety of classes taught by Lauri Bruce to help you with your therapeutic needs.

Beginning Wednesday, October 8th at 9 AM and Thursday, October 9th at 6 PM Lauri will be following the protocol set down in the NIH study. The series of classes will be modified to 8 weeks down from the original 12 in the study. The Wednesday morning class will be 1 hour long and the Thursday evening class will be 90 minutes long. Each class will focus on appropriate use of breath and movement, relaxation, meditation and proper form of the postures to maximize their effect.

As in the NIH study, daily support on this blog will be available. Tips, hints and suggestions will be offered. Take home material will support your at home practice and back care DVDs by Gary Kraftsow will be available for purchase.

The cost will be the same as attending regular classes but the hope is that by committing to 8 weeks of practice you will see measurable results in the relief of your chronic pain. The community provided by a group practice will also serve to support you in this journey. Visit Evolve Yoga and Wellness today or email Lauri at for more information.



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